Computers (India) Limited, incorporated as a Public Limited Company on 2nd February 1988 was inaugurated by the then Advisor to the Prime Minister on Technology Missions Hon'ble Shri Sam Pitroda on 31st March 1988.

During the last 23 years, Computers (India) Limited popularly known as CIL has developed many appropriate technoogies in the areas of hardware and software engineering besides a massive publications programme.

During the financial year 2011 - 2012, Computers (India) Limited wishes to help all the universities and technical insttutions offering Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in computer science and applications, computer engineering, information technology, software engineering and related subjects by offering them the following books published under the Encyclopaedic Series.

50 Volume Encyclopaedic Series on Computers

1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Advanced Java Development
3. Bridge Course in Mathematics
4. Basic Accounting
5. Basics of Electronics and Microprocessors
6. Computer Oriented Numerical Methods
7. Computer Aided Management
8. Computer System Architecture
9. Computer Graphics
10. Communication Skills
11. Computer Networks
12. Database Management Systems
13. Database Administration
14. Data Structures Through C Language
15. Data Communication
16. Digital Electronics
17. Digital Circuits and Logic Design
18. Data Structures
19. Handling Operating Systems
20. Fundamentals of IT / Introduction to IT
21. Introduction to Microprocessors
22. Data Mining
23. Internet Applications
24. Webpage Designing
25. Java Programming
26. Linux Administration
27. Mathematics - I (Discrete Mathematics)
28. Mathematics - II (Computer Oriented Methods)
29. Management Information Systems
30. Microprocessor System
31. Operating System
32. Operations Research
33. Object Oriented Programming Using C++
34. Software Engineering
35. Systems Analysis and Design
36. System Software
37. Relational Database Management System
38. Programming in C++
39. Programming in C
40. PC Assembly and Trouble Shooting
41. Principles of Management
42. Web Technologies
43. Windows and Server Administration
44. Visual Basic Programming
45. Algorithm Analysis and Design
46. Front End Design Tools
47. Fuzzy Sets and Logic
48. Software Verification, Validation and Testing
49. Multimedia Applications
50. Digital Image Processing

The Librarians of universities, engineering colleges, management institutes, computer training institutions, R&D Laboratories, Central and State Governments' Ministries and Departments may purchase the Set of the above mentioned 50 books at a subsidiged price of Rs. 17500 only from :


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